Wedding and Event Services

Stationary Sound System:

Normally this setup is located near the entrance of the venue. We setup a powerful sound system will project sound towards the Baraat. Blaze International Djs will mix the best Baraat related music, popular Hindi, Bhangra, Garba, and American music.

Mobile Sound System:

Lets get our djs on the move! The Mobile Baraat Sound package will have a vehicle equipped with a generator providing power to our mobile dj sound system. This is a great motivator to get the party started!

Dhol Players and Dancers:

Dancing, excitement, and motivation is what our dhol players provide. The combination of a dhol player (an individual that plays on Indian drums) and our live mixing will generate the ultimate entertainment package!

Wedding Ceremony:

The most important day in your life requires knowledgeable, talented, and well organized wedding professionals. Blaze International Djs offers experience from hundreds of weddings djed all around the country. From traditional Hindu ceremonies to modern-day weddings. With our extensive experience and knowledge of different regional music we are able to manage music to different parts of the ceremony. Our standard wedding ceremony package includes DJ/MC, Bose premium sound systems, and hand held wireless microphones.

Cocktail Hour Setup :

Blaze International DJs provide several options and services to make your cocktail hour elegant, trendy and casual with our Bose elite systems.Cocktail Sound System, A compact sound system is used in the cocktail area; speakers are placed in different areas to insure proper sound distribution.

Blaze International djs will setup a customized play list for your cocktail hour with non-stop music for you and your guests to enjoy while they socialize and circulate around the hall. You may choose from Jazz, Classical, Indian instrumental, fusion

Wedding Reception:

Now It’s time to really kick it up a notch! Blaze International DJs can fully make your dream wedding reception a reality!! We offer a wide range of services to customize and heighten your special event. Our wedding reception package(s) includes an energetic team which contains of a DJ and MC.

The MC will properly host and organize your event starting from the grand introductions to your last dance.

Our professional MC’s will always heighten the energy level of your reception. Not forgetting about the key element of the factor are our Djs.

The ultimate trendsetters to a successful party is a dj that can read his/her crowd. Making sure that every track makes your event a remembrance. Having that said, you will be given Elite speakers which give the crispest sound that one.

LED Uplighting :

The most essential product a wedding reception should have is LED Uplighting. At Blaze International we have several high-tech lighting options that put us on a level in it’s own name. We always provide class in what we deliver to our clients.

That is why we always prefer our clients to go for a clean lighting setup for your walls and go with a full wireless LED uplighting setup. Our LED lights consist of four different colored diodes, red, blue, green, and white packed into one fixture. With the most recent technology we have the ability to generate atleast 6 million different types of hues.

We have used LED lighting to illuminate walls, ceilings, tables, bars, backdrops, and trusses wrapped in tension fabrics, and the newest trend, tables. With an abundance amount of color choices, the lighting possibilities are endless. We can slowly change the color of the lighting throughout an event to give the

Intelligent Lighting aka Moving Heads:

Intelligent lighting is called intelligent because an operator is controlling the functions of the light(s) ie. a computer based controller. Various functions which can be controlled are Pan/Tilt, color change, different patterns / gobos, focus, zoom, prism, brightness /strobe and other effects.

These lights can produce unique and dramatic effects. For private parties such as Weddings, Sweet Sixteen’s and other special events, we can compose beautiful displays of light accenting the architectural features of venues as well as elegant illumination of dance floors.

Custom Monogram:

A custom monogram is the everlasting touch to an elegant wedding. Blaze International DJs can customize any logo or monogram to be projected on the dance floor, wall (interior / exterior), or above your sweet heart table! We can design custom monograms with your initials, names, images, and patterns to create a unique, elegant, and lasting impression. Imagine yourself dancing around your initials or a dance floor filled with a custom pattern!

Laser Lights:

Blaze International always becomes a trend setter in the industry. We have a vast array of Laser Lights which we offer to our clients. Imagine you walk into your banquet hall and you look up at the ceilings and see hundreds of thousands of green and red spots shooting in an organized pattern. It’s like you are staring at stars in the sky.

Once these Laser lights are set forth when the lights go down and the first slow dance begins, the laser lights would be turned on and people would look up and awe at the fact that the mood has changed to romance. Right after the slow dance we go to into full party mode. We would change the tempo to these lights to match with the bass of the music.

Projection Screens/Tvs:

Projection Screens are recommended for all events from weddings to sweet sixteen’s. Our 5,500 lumen Epson projectors produce the best picture quality providing bright, crystal clear, high definition images for your presentation. Most of our clients use our projection screens for the services such as digital pictures which are taken during the wedding ceremony and the cocktail hour.

The pictures are then displayed on the screen as guests enter the ballroom. We also offer the idea of having a live simulcast where some clients prefer to have visibility of important events during the evening such as speeches, performances, and dancing.

Another option is to have a montage. Some clients would prefer to have a specially made dvd to be set for the projection screens while they enter the grandball room. Our final option is DVD DJing. This entails the guests to interact with our dj. As the dj plays certain tracks, the physical songs comes to display on the Projection Screens.

The DJs can also custom write monograms on the screens while playing music and the guests enjoying the song on a large screen!

Customer Raves

Nisha Patel

“We hired Dj Savan to DJ our wedding. What a great choice! He not only handled emcee duties like a seasoned veteran, but the dance floor was packed all night!”

Chirag Savalia

“Highly recommended. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Shanoy Skeete

“He was the DJ for our most recent corporate event outside sales quarterly review and roadmapping meeting. He was nothing short of professional and impressive.”

Mitul Patel

“Thanks for a very successful night! Everyone enjoyed and had a blast! Keep up the good work. I will recommend anyone getting married to you. Hope to see you again in Virginia!”

Tricia Lin

“My Multi-cultural wedding went perfect with Dj Savan and Dj Dugan djing the event. Took his advice on everything he said and it worked out in our favor.”

Minhaz Karim

“That was a great performance my friend, THANK YOU so very much from the bottom of our heart for making our day special and going with our emotional swings that you had endure. Your work ethics were highly, highly commendable, won’t hesitate to provide any sort of reference for you and your company in the future…again JOBE WELL DONE!!”

Aysha Hasan

“You did an AMAZING job! Hands down you were the most favorite person of the whole night. All the guests loved you! They all took cards and my family and everyone said you were the best!! Thank you so much for everything! I know it was stressful but you were amazing!!”



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